Bare Rock The stones stand here, Amongst all our rubble, Their bare rocks, Resistant to our history, To our clocks. They watched Adonis, Grace these shores, In the arms of Aphrodite, Bleed like the sunset, Before the coming night. Rocks watched the flowerings, Of our cultures, Brief like an anemone, Before its petals, In the winds were gone. The bare rock watched, As we fought our wars, As we turned rivers red, From sunrise to sunset, The sea waves bled. The rock of Al-Raouche, Has watched our lives, Lapping like the sea, All we build around it Will be rubble for all to see. We live and love, We lay families and roots, We build Beirut in blocks, Yet what remains, persists, Are these bare rocks.
WiFi In the middle of nowhere On a mountaintop We arrive at a chapel As lonely as a rock. I look at my phone Searching a connection And there is a single WiFi reception Directly up to God