This book of photography and poetry captures moments in Beirut and Lebanon with a glimpse to Geneva.
Lebanon and Beirut, like cedars have a strong presence, a canopy of moments. As you walk the streets, photograph the present, you also notice you are walking on deep and tangled roots. In almost every scene there are memories and histories. That is why we call the book “Bare Roots”.
We have known each other for fifteen years in Geneva. By chance we spent a week in October 2016 together with our families in Beirut. Doumit introduced his father over tea, who opened up Lebanese history. The first poem was written under the shade of the cedar. Most of all we walked the streets of Beirut, Doumit with his camera to take photos, Daniel with his Smart Phone to capture poems while Doumit was describing his Lebanon. These streets where you never take the same path twice. They are always discovery, reincarnating themselves like Lebanon.
We hope this book helps taking you to the streets of Beirut and Lebanon, and feel something of its roots.
Doumit and Daniel