Beirut Moments
Maybe that is all there are,
Beirut moments.
When the past is done,
The future not yet begun,
There is this reality,
This shivering,
Knife-edge feeling,
Of the moment.
Somehow the present,
Is more real,
Here in Beirut,
More shivering,
With the past shattered,
The future unwoven.
Yet rising like the sun,
Each and every day
Time starts anew.
Lapping like the sea,
On the city shore,
Moments wash in,
Like waves into your day.
The present hovers here,
Like the sky,
All encompassing,
Above the past and future,
The present shimmers above,
Like the skyscrapers,
Which somehow defy,
The reality below,
In the mirage,
Of their glass reflections.
There is that feeling,
Intense in the air,
That scent,
Of Beirut moments.