If only Iris
If only bar Iris,
Was Beirut,
Linking sky and sea,
The Gods and us,
Flowering high,
On its stalk,
Above the town.
Like its terrace,
Could take off,
At the first sign,
Of war,
Just by turning up,
The music,
And floating off to sea.
The petals of its views,
Open out,
To the snow mountains,
The silver sea,
To all religions,
And Beirut communities.
It hangs above Beirut,
Like the symbol,
Of the Goddess Iris,
The rainbow.
Trying to reconcile,
In its colours,
Its views, its music,
Its pulsing beat,
War and dancing,
Life and death,
All religions,
Peoples, places,
Modern and ancient,
All the horizons,
From its balcony.
Like the god Iris,
Links the sky and sea,
The Gods and us,
She is their messenger,
With her rainbow wish,
If only Beirut,
Was Iris