We have the pleasure to invite you

SATURDAY 21 OCTOBER 2017 – 16H30 TO 19H30

to the launch, readings, reflections and signing of


of Beirut, Lebanon with a glance towards Geneva


with live music, drinks, lebanese appetizers and refreshments.


There will also be readings from Albert Nyathi

on his books on health.


Rue de Fribourg 5, 1201 Genève – Téléphone : 022 731 84 40



4.30-5.00         Welcome, signing, drink and refreshments

5.00-5.30         Book readings of Bare Roots

5.30-5.45         Reading and Music of My Son and My Daughter
by Albert Nyathi

5.45-6.00         Discussion and Questions

6.00-7.30         Signing, Drinks and Refreshments continued


We have known each other for fifteen years.  By chance we spent time together in Lebanon, and walked the streets of Beirut, Doumit with his camera, Daniel with his phone to write poems.  The streets where you never take the same path twice.  They are always discovery, reincarnating themselves like Lebanon.  Lebanon and Beirut, like cedars have a strong presence, a canopy of moments.  As you walk its streets you also notice you are walking on deep and tangled roots.  That is why we call the book “Bare Roots”.

We hope this book helps you take to the streets of Beirut and Lebanon, and feel something of its roots.

Doumit and Daniel



“C¹est un très beau livre. Il y a une véritable harmonie entre textes et images. Une préface extérieure qui viendrait «chapeauter» l¹ensemble me paraît sincèrement superflue. Bare Roots se suffit à lui-même, et je lui souhaite de séduire beaucoup de lecteurs. Il le mérite.”
Amin Maalouf de l’académie francaise


“When I read this book it opens my heart to Lebanon and I feel light as if I am floating through the streets of Beirut with its people, history and beauty”
Dr. Gabrielle Riedner, WHO, Lebanon.


Bare Roots est le fruit de la rencontre entre deux poètes, Doumit Abisaleh et Daniel Low-Beer, partis de Genève, pour se retrouver à Beyrouth. Photos et textes participent de la même démarche: rendre un hommage poétique à l’essence de Beyrouth, porteuse de la condition humaine, vieille âme cent fois détruite et reconstruite.
François Barras Ambassadeur de Suisse au Liban

  Doumit Abisaleh has lived in Geneva and Lebanon, and lived and photographed these two cities intimately throughout his life.  The book captures his deep roots in Lebanon, with a glance towards the reflections and contrasts of life in Geneva. Daniel Low Beer is a poet who works in public health at WHO.  He uses poetry and music to have conversations with communities and politicians about health issues, and works with photographers to bring alive health issues and places he feels connected to
Albert Nyathi is Zimbabwe’s leading poet and well-known musician in Southern Africa.  He is a household figure from his poem and song following the assassination of Chris Hani.  He is an ambassador for Zimhealth and the UN Women Gender Champion, and has just released poetry books and music on Ten Conversations to End AIDS and Ten Conversations for Health.